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Point of Touch Massage Therapy Hot Stone Massages in Fort Worth


Additional Info:

Hot Stone Therapy—Gliding or placing heated smooth stones over sore muscles (120 degrees or cooler as tolerable by customer).

Hot stones can be incorporated into a regular full body massage. The heated stones can be used for therapeutic purposes or just for relaxation.  The heat of the stones penetrate deep into the muscles.  The massage therapist can place the hot (or warm) stones onto the sore muscles or glide them along the muscles with using oils or lotions for a smooth stroke.  The therapist may place the stones that have cooled down, but still carries heat into the palm of the hands while the client is lying prone (face down), and may place the stones on the plantar of the feet wrapped up in a towel to maintain the heat.

The heat from the stones helps with blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and reducing muscle soreness.  However, if the muscles are inflamed or have intense pain, it is better to use a cold pack to help reduce inflammation. In some instances, the customer may need to be referred to a physician for further assessment, especially if the individual has acute (extreme) pain in the muscle. There could be a possibility of an injury or tear in the muscle that needs medical attention.

Please keep in mind that the techniques mentioned above are examples of the use of hot stones for massage therapy.  However, each therapist has their own individual routine or technique. The main goal is to have the customer feel relaxed, have less stress, reduced pain or sore muscles when the massage session is completed.

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