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Point of Touch Massage Therapy Foot Massages of Fort Worth


Additional Info:

Reflexology—a simple noninvasive and natural way to promote optimum health through the hands and feet. Pressure is applied to areas on the hands and feet which correspond to regions on the body. Reflexology helps with blood flow to every part of the body. It can reduce stress and pain. It also promotes healing within. You will feel more relaxed, revitalized and energetic.

Massage therapist will cleanse the feet with a gentle soap or cleansing spray, use warm moist towels and essential oil (lavender, peppermint, tea tree, lemon or white flower) prior to administering reflexology. This technique can be administered with or without lotion, essential oil or powder; however, this will help with glide.

The therapist will use a thumb-walking technique, direct pressure, at times deep pressure, glide, grasp the toes individually, use range of motion, stretch plantar fascia (and may include stretching the Achilles tendon), and sometimes use a smooth rounded wooden tool to press directly into the foot, excluding the areas that coincide with the internal organs.

Reflexology is good for the “sole!”


The above-mentioned techniques are examples of what the massage therapist may use while administering Reflexology. However, many Massage Therapists and Reflexologists have their own unique touch and methods for Reflexology.




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