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Point of Touch Massage Therapy CRANIAL RELEASE TECHNIQUE - Point of Touch Massage Therapy


Additional Info:

Cranial Release Technique (CRT)—creates a deep release of stress related tension in the nervous system, muscles and connective tissues in the body. The most important effect is that CRT allows the brain to communicate to the body clearer.

Cranial release technique shifts the brain out of “fight or flight” and back to a state where the brain is focused on making sure the body rests, heals and regenerates optimally. It causes your thinking to become more positive and at ease. It helps people deal with the negative effects of stress.

When you are chronically stressed the nervous system produces harmful chemicals in the body and over time this can be very damaging to your health. Cranial release technique can restore the body and promote healing, regeneration and repair within.

CRT also brings balance to the physical structure of the body, (spine, pelvis, extremities: shoulders, hips, knees, etc.).


For additional information go to www.cranialrelease.com.





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