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Point of Touch Massage Therapy Cold Stone Therapy in Fort Worth


Additional Info:

Cold Stone Therapy used for headache prevention and sinus pressure relief.  The use of blended essential oils and cold stones made out of marble.

The session begins with the individual lying supine (face up) on the massage table.  The feet wrapped in hot moist towels.  This technique helps draw the blood away from the head.  The person is covered with a sheet and blanket for warmth.

The therapist begins with massaging the scalp, head and neck area, and stretching the occipital muscles, as well as stretching the cervical muscles.  The individual then selects the blended essential oils to be used on the face.  Therapist has the recipient select the oil by smelling the scent that is most appealing to them.  There are four (4) essential oil blends to choose from.  One is for stress, the environment, hormones and for food.  The scent that is most pleasurable to the client is most likely the essential oil that will best help relieve or reduce the headache.

The stones are placed in a basin of water and ice.  Therapist usually have the stones already cold by placing the stones in the freezer, but adds ice and water to the bowl to maintain the cold temperature.

Essential oil is applied to the face, and the recipient’s forehead, temples, sinus cavities, chin and neck. A very light, feather-like touch massage is used on the carotid artery.

Once the face has been massaged, the cold stones are then placed methodically onto the face, beginning with the forehead, the cheekbones, the chin and eyes.  The stones placed over the eyelids are very thin and light.  The larger stones are placed on the temporal muscles or held close to the temples, if coldness intensity too much for the clientThen the therapist uses two larger stones for the occipital muscles located at the back of the head.  Therapist usually alternates the cold stones between the temples and occipital muscles to keep the cold sensation from being too intense.   However, the therapist will always communicate with the client to make sure the placement of the cold stones are tolerable.

Once the cold stones are removed, the therapist will place a cold moist cloth over the forehead and eyes for continued relaxation before ending the session.

Applying this technique during a massage session has been highly affective and successful, with the individual leaving without a headache. A lower percentage of the clientele have experienced some pain reduction.   In these instances, the cold stones may not have been cold enough at the time, or the therapist could not pinpoint the cause for the headache, but there has always been some improvement from when they first began the massage session.

The client can incorporate a full body massage with the cold stone therapy, if requested.

The techniques used by Point of Touch Massage Therapy may differentiate slightly from the original creator of the cold stone therapy technique, but the process is similar and very affective.

Cold Stone Therapy was created by Kelly Lott, MTI, CIMI, NCBTMB Provider.

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