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Point of Touch Massage Therapy Professional Chair Massages in Fort Worth


Additional Info:

Chair Massage—Massage therapy in a chair is used without lotions or oils and the individual is fully clothed.  This can be affective when the customer is pressed for time.  A fifteen minute chair massage is very affective in relieving or reducing muscle pain and stress. Chair massage can also revive and energize the customer.


The massage chair is structured to hold the individual’s entire weight.  The chair is a lightweight chair of approximately 22 lbs., but it holds up to 350 lbs.

The customer sits down leaning into a padded chest and face rest. The arms and hands are placed on an armrest and the lower legs are supported with knee pads on the chair for the customer to kneel on.  (Some individuals with knee problems and who have less range of motion in the knee joint may opt to sit in a straddle position with their legs and feet placed forward, as if you were sitting in a regular chair.)   The individual can fully relax leaning or lying forward in the massage chair as it supports their entire body.

Massage therapist may begin with massaging the scalp (optional), then stretch the neck muscles, and kneading the muscles alongside the vertebrae and pressing into the erectors (posture) muscles. The sacrum and gluteal areas can also be massaged for those individuals experiencing lower back, hip and sciatic pain.

The therapist will massage the arms and hands with stretching and kneading techniques and may use range of motion or counter-resistant exercises to help release the tight or constricted muscles under and around the shoulder blades. Other techniques used in a chair massage session can be cross-fiber friction and tapotement (light to moderate percussion) on the lumbar and gluteal muscles, excluding the area near the kidneys for safety reasons.


Please keep in mind that the techniques mentioned above are examples of a chair massage.  However, each therapist has their own individual routine or technique they use for chair massage.  The main goal is to have the customer feel relaxed, have less stress, reduced pain or sore muscles when the massage session is completed.

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