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Point of Touch Massage Therapy - FAQ


What payment is accepted?

Cash, checks, major credit cards and debit cards accepted.

Can Minors Receive Massages?

Massage Services provided for men and women of all ages. (Minors require parent/guardian consent.  Individuals under the age of 10 need to be accompanied by parent/guardian, or as deemed appropriate.)

What is a Swedish Massage?

Relaxation, smooth gliding strokes (effleurage) and soft kneading (petrissage) of the muscles.  This type of massage helps with circulation of blood, releasing endorphins in the body.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Firm, deep pressure on targeted areas of muscle pain and trigger points.

What is a Therapeutic Massage?

Focusing on targeted areas of muscle pain, which may include deep tissue techniques,   hot moist towels, hot stones, cold packs or essential oils, range of motion and stretching as needed.

What is Hot Stone Therapy?

Gliding or placing heated smooth stones over sore muscles (120 degrees or cooler as tolerable by customer).

What is Cold Stone Therapy?

Used for headache prevention and sinus pressure relief.  The use of blended essential oils and cold stones made out of marble.

Can pregnant mothers get a massage?

Expectant mothers can receive a soothing massage that includes slow and gentle gliding strokes, kneading and gentle stretching of the muscles.  This can help relieve physical and emotion stress.  It is recommended that the mother complete her first tri-semester prior to receiving a massage.

What is a Foot Massage?

Combination of petrissage and effleurage with range of motion and stretching dorsal/plantar muscles.

What is a Chair Massage?

Massage therapy in a chair without lotions or oils, fully clothed.  This can be affective when customer is pressed for time.  A fifteen minute chair massage is very affective in relieving or reducing muscle pain. Chair massage can also revive and energize the customer.

What is a Full Body Massage?

(30 min. or longer) consists of massaging the body from head to toe, excluding abdomen, unless requested.  Chest area is optional, excluding the breast, unless the client requests the massage to the breast tissue to move lymph because of medical reasons.  However, massage session can be targeted towards areas of chronic muscle pain as requested by the client.

What information is required to schedule a massage session?

A health questionnaire needs to be completed for the initial massage visit, but unnecessary to fill out each visit for reoccurring massage appointments.  This information includes name, address, telephone number and general health questions about your physical condition.  This will help the massage therapist assess the individual’s physical condition to ensure the best care possible.

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